Movements in Aikido are based on principles of the circle, the ball and the spiral.

The so called attacking power of an opponent is taken on
and then transformed through circular and spiral movements.

This circular and transformed energy is explained with the eastern word 'KI':

The circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things;

In traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body
is believed to be essential for good health.

To describe our therapy would incorporate  the complex biomechanical movements
of your anatomy and physiology for your recovery.

You will find a lot of instructions on most of the Aikido-Dojo Websites.

It is paramount for me to adapt your training to your own skills and capability
to gain maximum response to the lessons and exercises.

During the journey through your treatment we will guide you along to discover
and understand the progress of the movements on the way to recovery.

It is very important to understand the timescale of this development,
it will happen more in slow motion, rather than motorsport event.

monthly fee / in small groups  80,00 €  approx. (2 units per week)
single hrs. / Individuelles med. Coaching: 64,00 Euro/h


AIKIDO - die friedliche Kampfkunst (Stefan Stenudd)

AIKIDO - Techniken, Angriffe und Bewegungseingänge (Bodo Rödel)